We are a Jakarta based brand started in 2016. We are representing the individuals working behind the scenes not bragging about their activities but letting their hard work speak for them.
With almost two decades of experience in producing garments, we decided to create our legacy with our brand. We battled through some tough times getting Untold off the ground, but 4 years later after the launch, with several collections under our belt, the brand has become one of Jakarta's most recognizable brands.

Untold is about getting the job done no matter what it takes. Our core is about hard work, dedication, and the tenacity to overcome any obstacles; that means going out of the boundaries.
We embody those who live by their code to achieve greatness and started a brand that provides premium quality apparel to those who demand perfection and attention to detail.

We are representing the individual who does not need to brag about accomplishments because we believe that action speaks louder than words.



By The Sea, PIK 2 Unit B27 

Ashta District 8, lantai 1-10f

Whole seller
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  • Intruders Jakarta


Pondok Indah Mall 2